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Naviance Log in Instructions

Naviance Instructions

Naviance log in

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Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that allows students to determine critical life readiness skills, strengths, interests, and goals. Students are provided with a Naviance lesson in grades 9-12 each year that allows them to focus on these particular concentrations. 

In 9th grade, students are introduced to the Naviance program and create an online account. They complete a Strengths Assessment to determine a particular set of strengths that can be tied to specific career pathways. Students are introduced to the Resume builder, and a discussion on beginning this is encouraged for the college planning process.

In 10th grade, students complete a Career Interest Profiler where they can complete an assessment that will match them to potential occupations. Students are provided the opportunity to explore these in further detail and review the training, skills, and knowledge needed for each of these positions. Students can see what college majors are tied to specific career pathways and what education is required to pursue them. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and work on the resume builder.

In 11th grade, the focus is on the post-secondary process and how it relates to Naviance. Students are provided the "College 101s," where the counselors walk them through utilizing the SuperMatch feature within Naviance. This feature allows students to select specific criteria to match potential colleges to their interests/majors, etc. This is a great tool to utilize in the college search phase. Additionally, students are provided information pertaining to timelines, pertinent post-secondary information, and resume building.

In 12th grade, counselors review the SuperMatch feature again with students concentrating on the Common Application process and a tutorial. Counselors examine the process with students on applying to colleges, deadlines, required forms and paperwork, and letters of recommendation. Counselors also work with seniors individually throughout the year to provide support as needed throughout the post-secondary process.